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    With Professional Basement Waterproofing, You can be assured that we will strive to provide you the best solutions to your basement needs, at the best price.

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    From water in your basement to a faulty foundation, we have you covered.

    At Professional Basement Waterproofing, we utilize the best products, techniques, and tools to provide top quality solutions. With over 12 years of experience within the industry we'll be able to provide peace of mind.

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Welcome to Professional Basement Waterproofing

Let us help you establish peace of mind.

Whether you have water in your basement, or a faulty foundation, Professional Basement Waterproofingcan help. Our industry experience and knowhow will address your basement or foundation needs.

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Common Foundation Problems

Having problems with your foundation is not entirely uncommon. Symptoms can range from the obvious – such as cracks and unlevel floors, to the less obvious issues like insects, moisture, and compromised support structures. Identifying the symptoms – by “Knowing the Signs” – will help in becoming an educated consumer, and moving forward with the appropriate service, and the right service provider.

Know the Signs

Sagging Or Flexing Floors Over Crawlspace

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    We conduct an evaluation for your home or building to determine the source of your concern. Then a solution is designed based on your home or buildings specific needs.

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Our Services

We offer foundation repair with Push Piers, Helical Piers and Carbon Fiber Straps. We also provide permanent basement waterproofing.

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Professional Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, serving Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin

Contact us for your basement needs. Our service area includes the Southern third of Minnesota, the Northern portion of Iowa, and the Southwestern corner of Wisconsin. We'd be happy to talk with you further about your basement needs and provide an in-house evaluation.

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