The Causes:

Pressure, pressure, and pressure. A lot of pressure on your basement walls can cause bowing walls. Whether it’s heavy rain, poor drainage, or large tree roots- all this can result in pressure that pushes against your foundation that can cause the wall to crack or break.

Do I Need to Fix This?

If left untreated, they can completely destroy a wall. There are varying degrees of bowing or bulging basement walls. At a minimum, the condition should be assessed by a certified technician to determine the severity.

Our Solution:

The solution to bowing walls can take two separate paths; one path is repairing the wall by installing a Grip-Tite Wall Anchor System, or by replacing the wall completely.

With the Grip-Tite Wall Anchor System, we can repair by immediately stopping the bowing or leaning of the wall and stabilizing the cracking. Over time, the wall can even be moved in small increments back towards vertical. This is accomplished by installing our engineered earth anchor far away from the wall in the soil creating a strong, soil wedge to overcome the forces placed against the wall. During dry weather the soils lose water and shrink enabling our system to be tightened to slowly correct the shape of the wall. Our certified technician can also explain the process for moving the wall back to its original state immediately by excavating and providing adequate drainage to eliminate the water in the soil against the wall providing a prompt, corrective action and solution.

In some cases, the bowing wall is damaged and has lost too much of its integrity to be repaired. In those cases, we will replace the affected and compromised wall completely. For a wall replacement, we will excavate the soil around the compromised wall, brace the above and surrounding structure to prevent additional damage, remove the existing wall, and replace with a robust wall to carry the above and surrounding structure load.

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